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Your best choice for marriage counseling, family therapy, and individual counseling.

Cary North Carolina Family TherapyIt is our mission to provide you with a safe, supportive environment and give you the tools needed to solve challenges in your life and relationships.

We offer evening hours for your convenience. 

Located in Cary, North Carolina, we offer individual therapy, family counseling, and marriage therapy / couples therapy. Whether the worries are about your spouse, relationships, work, or life, help is available. We even offer evenings appointments for your convenience.

Ask yourself this:

  • Are you feeling saddened or upset because of difficulties in your marriage or relationship?
  • Are your life circumstances causing you to have a difficult time functioning or staying focused during the day?
  • Are you worried about your spouse and each of your commitments to one another and the relationship?
  • Have you or your partner had an affair?

We offer individual counseling, marriage, and family therapy for a variety of issues. Therapy is helpful for individuals feeling sad or depressed, irritable, or having anxiety adjusting to life changes.

Cary Family Therapy at Trent SquareCouples and individuals will learn the tools necessary to begin repairing the damage that has created unhappiness in their relationship as well as learn tools to maintain healthy, open communication. Cary Family Therapy can help you learn how to recognize the destructive forms of communication and learn how to incorporate new healthy ways of communicating. Therapy can also help you learn tips to increase and improve intimacy. Therapy is beneficial for situational and permanent issues within a relationship and can help you overcome the challenges that you are experiencing in your life.

Finding the right therapist for you can feel like a daunting task, so we welcome all questions you may have about Cary Family Therapy before you schedule an appointment. Please call (919) 740-2444 with any questions.  We frequently check our confidential voicemail and promptly return phone calls.